Arttu Artkoski

Arttu was born in Lahti, Finland, but has lived most of his life in Tampere. There his practical artistic ambitions led him to study architecture and work in this field over ten years. Later he found the logical beauty of creating computer software and changed this passion of his into a new career.

All his life he has also been keen to beauty of inner and outer movement of a human body. He studied the interaction possibilities of human minds and bodies through practicing aikido and other soft martial arts for over twenty years. Then he found the world of social dancing and especially argentine tango in its various forms.

Very soon after finding social dancing Arttu also began studies of dance pedagogy in University of Jyväskylä. There he found dancing also as a form of performing, educating and healing art.

During several visits to tango origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has found styles and teachers he can rely on at his journey to be a tango dancer and teacher. One of most important places on his search has been DNI Tango, a school and dance company founded by Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frigoli. An other important teacher has been Oscar Casas.

Arttu also likes argentine folklore dances, which he has studied during his visits to Argentina.

In last years he has been teaching and performing in Finland and Argentina. Being a member of Finnish Dance Teachers Association (Suomen Tanssinopettajain Liitto ry) he also has professional status in teaching social dances.