Our public program on the calendar/ Ohjelmamme kalenterilla:

Weekly classes

In Tampere we teach with our colleagues Pasi and Maria Lauren in our school and dance-studio La Fábrica del Tango in an old factory building called Klingendahl. Schedule for spring-season 2020 starts in 9th of January. La Fábrica del Tango calendar.

Please check other tango activities from the web-page of Tango aMoroso association.

Our year 2020

JANUARY Weekly classes, Tampere
FEBRUARY Argentina
MARCH Argentina
Weekly classes, Tampere
APRIL Weekly classes, Tampere
Tango workshop, Lahti
Beginners workshop, Tampere
MAY Tampere
JUNE Tampere
JULY Holidays
AUGUST Tampere
SEPTEMBER Weekly classes, Tampere
OCTOBER Weekly classes, Tampere
NOVEMBER Weekly classes, Tampere
DECEMBER Weekly classes, Tampere

Private classes

Reservations at/ Yksityistuntien varaukset sähköpostilla tangopiantao (at) rajapinta . fi


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